Compassion for Ukraine

We’d like to thank everyone who has made donations so far for war victims in Ukraine with our many charity drives. Since the war began, a large range of donations—sleeping mats, food items, hygiene articles, and medical supplies—had accumulated in our foyer. With the help of our facility team Herr Massalski und Herr Milosevic, our administration team, and our grade 5 learning partners, we recently made the first large transport to our partner church, the Ukrainische Griechisch-Katholische Pfarrei Maria Schutz und Hl. Apostel Andreas. We’ll continue to collect donations on Campus and conduct regular transports to the church.

We’re also proud of our cooperation with the TSV Brunnthal, the Volunteer Fire Brigade and Youth Boys’ Club as well as the Geldhauser bus company, initiated by our Hort pedagogical guide, Herr Klaß. Here, a huge bus full of medical supplies was driven to the Polish border. Again, thank you to everyone who contributed bandages for the transport! The amazing part of the story: The bus returned to the Munich area full of Ukrainian refugees including women, children and the elderly for accommodation in Germany or travel onto their final destinations.

Last but not least, the Sapphire learning group did a charity run and was able to collect 1000 EUR that was donated to our partner church. Now, the Sapphires are collecting stuffed animals to be added to the charity boxes. We also thank our JVC families who’ve made direct financial contributions to the following bank account:

Recipient: Apostolische Exarchie
Liga Bank München
IBAN: DE29 7509 0300 0102 1032 57
Intended purpose: Kriegsopfer in der Ukraine

As you can see from the peace doves at the front gates and our many charity drives, we are supporting as best we can and modelling care and compassion for our Jules Verne learning partners. We also recently provided helpful resources and tips for our JVC parents about how to talk about the war with children. Again, we’d like to thank our JVC school family for their help, solidarity, and support!