The Hort at Jules Verne Campus also follows the successful educational concept of the JVC and fulfils the requirements of the Bavarian Education Plan. With different parents, home situations, imprints, native languages, preferences, strengths, weaknesses, experiences and characters, our children form an exciting and multi-faceted community. This diversity is seen as an opportunity for our work and and is used to enrich activities and educational goals. Values such as respect and tolerance are taught and demanded as a self-evident basis for living together. The framework for the implementation of all this is provided by our course program in the Hort as well as the Coaching concept along with opportunities for our children to participate.

Daily routine

The Jules Verne Hort is attended by children from the Jules Verne Elementary School or the learning partners from grades 5 and 6 from our Jules Verne Grammar School.

During term time, care begins right after school lessons and continues until 5:30 pm. During the school holidays, Hort care can be attended from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

3:30 - 4:15 pm Movement break in outdoor playground
4:15 - 5:15 pm Fixed créAktiva courses and open offers, Learning Studio+
5:15 - 5:30 pm Afternoon snack


Enough room for individuality: In the créAktiva course planning in the Hort, we create developmentally appropriate activities for children aged 6 to 12 years. We encourage children to encourage and challenge each other in the process. Older children often explain to the younger ones how to approach certain things and reach goals. Both age groups benefit, younger children looking for anchor points and the older ones gaining confidence from their mentor role. Children like to participate in planned activities, especially when allowed to decide independently about their participation without external pressure. After a strenuous day at school, children should also have the right to choose how they'd like to spend their free time.

The age difference of our Hort children is reflected in the design of the spacious rooms, which are specifically tailored to various developmental stages. In addition to a role play and theatre area, there is also a construction room with building blocks and technical materials, a painting studio and a bouldering area. Plus there's the so-called Gumpy room with a bouncy floor and walls where children can romp around. Our little ones often prefer to play in smaller groups with boardgames, to hide in cubbies, or browse through books. The spacious outdoor area invites the children to play various ball games, climbing and balance games. Most of all, the trust relationship between our pedagogical guides and the children is established by work with familiar materials as well as routines and rituals.

The activities offered between 4:15 to 5:15 pm and are divided into open activities and fixed créAktiva courses for a pre-determined period of several weeks. There are several course periods throughout the school year. Parents receive information about the content of each course in advance. Examples of activities include street dance, chess, football, Zumba, longboarding and stop-motion animation.

There is always a taster week at the beginning of a course period during which the child can get to know the new activities. The respective Hort coach encourages the child to try out new things, explains the contents, supporting in the decision.


Fixed créAktiva courses are activities that are booked for a complete course period and are to be attended by the children on a regular basis. These can build on each other, deepening a topic, and a flat rate for materials may apply. The individual Hort coach communicates the fixed character of the course to the child and encourages him/her to stay with it.

Open offers

Hort children can also participate in open offers at any time, without prior registration. Spontaneous activities vary daily.


In the learning studio "plus," Jules Verne children can work individually on the learning content from school. The child's school learning guides can arrange specific support activities on some days of the week in consultation with the Hort pedagogical guides. This offer is initiated exclusively by your child's school learning guides in consultation with you as parents. When booking this offer, it is important to ensure that your child is not overburdened after a strenuous day.


Within the framework of créAktiva "plus," individual lessons such as piano instruction can also be booked, depending on the offer. The créAktiva+ can also be booked directly after lessons by children who do not attend Hort, as long as the child only stays in the Learning House after school in connection to the booked offer.


Not only our children, but also their parents, have a Coach in Hort who acts as their go-to person throughout the school year.

Each child is part of a coaching group. The "Coach" of a child is either a German- or English- speaking pedagogical guide and is the "go-to" and reference person in Hort. Right at the beginning of the Hort year, the Coach welcomes the child. Then, throughout the year, the Coach explains the upcoming offers before the beginning of each course period, encourages the child, and exchanges with the child's learning guides if necessary. Parents can also arrange a meeting with their child's Hort Coach during the course of the year to discuss their child's development. The most important objective is that the child feels comfortable and enjoys play and freetime at their "home away from home" at the JVC Hort.


The active participation of children in daily interaction anchors values such as respect, appreciation, justice, equality, care, and consideration. Our Hort children at Jules Verne Campus should feel both needed and empowered to determine their activities interests.

Our pedagogical guides support children's self-determination. In so-called children's conferences, Hort kids are involved in the planning of activities and excursions, and in the design of the daily routine and the rooms. Agreements established together then provide the framework for activities in Hort. This way, we expand children's freedom to make decisions and encourage responsibility. We trust our children to act independently to cope with everyday situations, sometimes challenging ones!


Jules Verne Hort children can take part in our holiday program during the Bavarian holidays. The program runs daily from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Exceptions are public holidays, the time between Christmas on December 24 and Epiphany on January 6 of a given year as well as the last two full weeks of the Bavarian summer holidays. During these periods, the Learning House is completely closed for care.

Bookings for holidays care can always be made for full weeks. The booked shuttle buses can also be used during the holidays, but only from reduced, collective stops.


Although Jules Verne Campus, like the public schools, is bound by the holiday periods in Bavaria, we offer our Hort children a varied care program for these periods in our "Holiday Club." There is plenty of room for free play and activities such as research, painting, dancing and sports. We go on lots of excursions, or we receive visits from people who introduce us to interesting skills, sports, or animals. But the most important during the holidays is to rest, to find time to dream, to explore, and to be with friends! The holiday program is always published four weeks before the respective holiday period. At Jules Verne Hort, there is a place guarantee if you register within the deadline: this means that parents can be rest assured that their child is cared for during the holidays, making planning easier.


The fees for the holiday club (including meals) are included in the Hort fees. Registration for the holiday program is binding.