Expedition statement ON CAMPUS

Through the cooperation between Elementary School, Grammar School, Hort & Kindergarten as well as Administration, a guiding expedition statement for Jules Verne Campus has emerged. It expresses our vision and pedagogical mission and guides us in our development moving forward:

Jules Verne Campus: The journey into your future starts here.

This motto replaces the mottos from the founding period like "Munich's new school" and "JVC - The place to be" and has been made available on our website, in the biannual Campus News newsletter, marketing materials as well as at information evenings for interested parents.


The annual theme is determined with the participation of the entire JVC team. Proposals are collected at the beginning of each school year and voted on. The aim of the annual theme is to create a common framework for Elementary and Grammar School, Hort & Kindergarten as well as the Administration and to give the learning partners of all ages a special pedagogical focus they can remember positively for a given school year.

Projects, lessons or excursions can refer to the annual theme. It is also reflected in the newsletter and the yearbook. The theme of the year should be meaningful for children and parents alike, visually recognisable on our huge Oasis mural wall and other art projects, and unifying for all on Campus.

All-day school

Jules Verne Campus should be a home away from home. A place to be yourself, a place you want to be. We are an all-day school that opens its doors at 8:00 am and closes at 5:30 pm after the last Hort child has been collected. The children wear slippers in the learning house and a school uniform, our our Campus Outfit. Here, we eat, laugh and live together!

Childcare hours

We want your child to enjoy learning, day after day.

Jules Verne Campus is open from 8:00 am until 5:30 pm .Reception is available by telephone between 9:30 - 10:30 am and 4:30 - 5:30 pm. Lesson times differ slightly in the Elementary School and the Grammar School. Following lessons, Elementary School and Grammar School children in grades 5 and 6 can book our Hort care until 5:30 pm.

Elementary School & Grammar School

Lessons for Elementary School children take place from 8:30 am until 3:30 pm, although it is possible to stay in the learning group room until 4:00 pm for quiet study to complete assignments.

In the Grammar School, lessons take place from 8:30 am until 3:45 pm or 4:00 pm. Gymnasium children may stay on Campus after school until 4:30 pm, but only for quiet work in the learning studio.


After school, Jules Verne Campus offers Hort care, with beautiful rooms in the lower level of the building. Jules Verne children can attend the Hort with a booked guaranteed place from right after school until 5:30 pm.

During the school holidays and on the Day of Prayer and Repentance, the Hort offers a holiday program.


Hort children can register for the Hort holiday programme during the Bavarian school holidays. The holiday club takes place daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, with the exception of the last two weeks of the summer holidays and during the Christmas holidays between Christmas on December 24 and the Epiphany holiday on January 6 of a given year.

The Learning House is closed during the last two weeks of the summer holidays and between Christmas on December 24 and the Epiphany holiday on January 6 of a given year.

Healthy food

Delicious, healthy food - that's our motto!

The dining hall at the Jules Verne Campus has a special name: Oasis. And not without reason, because lunch should really feel like a special break. The food prepared fresh on site and is organic, every day. There is a special nutritional concept that supports the learning process with its menu and expands the children's experience with healthy eating. The kitchen team with head chef Mrs. Anja Jüllich lives with heart and soul for our children. This is not only evident in the lovingly designed "recipe box" into which the Jules Verne children drop recipes from home for the Oasis team to try, but also in so many highlights: Schnitzel Day, a new vegetable to try in the salad, the food pyramid showing the ingredients of today's meal for all to see, or cooking projects in which a learning group makes lasagne for the whole Campus! Our Oasis team is proud to have the "Green Table" seal awarded for schools with sustainable, local food options.

LUNCH is served!

The children eat together with the learning guides and exchange ideas, laugh and sometimes try something new. The children take on responsibility by first setting the table for the whole learning group and then collecting the dishes and wiping the tables clean. Our all-day school should be a place to feel good, and this also applies to eating together in family style.

A healthy morning snack, a delicious afternoon snack and fruit are always available to provide our Jules Verne children with all the nutrients and energy they need for the long school day. Of course, any allergies a child may have are taken into account, and vegan and vegetarian meals are offered. Our kitchen team prepares fresh and vitamin-rich meals on site every day. Nobody leaves the Oasis hungry!


The costs for lunch and break snacks are not included in the tuition. The offer can be booked in the service contract as a full-day catering flat rate and amounts to 165.00 EUR per month.

Digital communication

Jules Verne Campus is digitally well equipped : We use school administration programs to organize daily life, communicate with parents via an App called SchulApp and use programs such as MS Teams and Seesaw to digitally support and structure the learning process. For example, parents have access via the SchulApp to all leaflets and information concerning the Learning House, they can send and receive messages to learning guides and the management team, view the timetable and substitution plan, book appointments for parent-teacher conferences and register their child as ill. With MS Teams, it's also possible have virtual appointments or to take part in parent presentations online. We even have an App to help JVC parents form carpools called CarpoolWorld. From grade 9 onwards, teens young people also work with a laptop - one of the elements of our media concept. And our learning partners? They learn how to use an iPad from an early age and work with a laptop from grade 9 onwards - these are just two of the many elements that our media concept provides for.

Bus transport

Jules Verne Campus, works with the transport company Skrabal from Munich Grünwald, operating reliably since 1981 specializing in school transport, to provide shuttle bus service. Here, there are fixed stopping points and departure times for the way to and from school. Booking the bus service also ensures transport during school and holiday program times. Please note that bus places cannot be guaranteed: a place can only be made after availability has been checked.

Booking times

Bus transport always includes both routes: To Campus and the return journey. The return journey from Campus can be booked either directly after the end of school at about 4:00 pm or after Hort at around 5:30 pm.


The monthly fees for bus transport depend on the distance category and are between 295.00 EUR and 395.00 EUR per month.

Campus outfit

Due to a demonstrably better sense of community and identity, our school children wear at least one item of clothing from our specially created Jules Verne Campus Collection, or Campus Outfit. This includes dresses, short and long-sleeved polo shirts and T-shirts, oxford shirts and blouses, and sports shirts and hoodies, all with our embroidered logo. Items and can be ordered via the online shop of our partner "Dress for School."


In learning groups in Elementary and Grammar School, there are school dogs specially trained to interact with children in school settings. The educational benefits of dogs in classrooms have been extensively researched and proven. At Jules Verne Campus, we want to take advantage of this in a clearly defined and controlled setting. More information on this is published on SchulApp at the beginning of each school year.

Friends & Parents

We are an open learning house and appreciate it greatly when parents share their professional expertise or personal passions with us as "experts." We're also happy to foster cooperations with other institutions whose offers can enhance our educational goals. We always plan cooperations carefully with the topics, learning contents, and goals.

Parents' Association

As at every school, we have Parents' Associations - in the Kindergarten, Elementary School, Grammar School and Hort. The Parents' Associations support the school, Kindergarten and Hort leadership teams in various pedagogical matters, administers a support fund and helps to find the right contact person for the parents' concerns.

Out-of-school places of learning

Depending on the learning content and projects of a learning group, we use off-campus learning locations with the support of our friends and partners - to broaden the children's horizons, to experience something new, and to be active. In addition to a nearby plot of land where a survival camp is sometimes organised as part of créAktiva, examples are the environmental garden in Neubiberg or the adventure playground in Maulwurfshausen, which is run by the Kreisjugendring München-Stadt. Of course, visits to museums are also on the program - we have even been to a camel farm and the European Central Bank!


We are not alone in this world and not everyone is as well off as we are - appreciation for what we have and willingness to share some of it and make a contribution to make the world a little better is a natural part of the curriculum at the Jules Verne Campus. Whether it is Maths in grades 1 and 2 using a budget to buy notebooks and stationery for children in a refugee home, which our Jules Verne children then order themselves, or taking part in the annual charity run, Our Jules Verne children are full of ideas when it comes to helping others.

The proceeds from our Christmas market and summer festival are donated as well as long unclaimed Lost&Found items. At the Jules Verne Gymnasium, "learning through engagement" is part of the curriculum. Every Grammar School student contributes something to the community with a certain amount of hours and within the scope of their passion - this can be the responsibility for the waste separation on Campus or helping out at a home for the elderly.

Children helping children

Even our smallest children can make a big difference! For example, they can help pack gift packages for our annual charity drive "Kinder helfen Kindern"!