2023/2024 Annual Theme at Jules Verne Campus: 10/TEN!

The journey into your future, and our future at JVC, starts here! Welcome to a very special school year at Jules Verne Campus, our 10th year anniversary. Ten years ago, we founded JVC with two elementary school learning groups, full of wonder, the unknown in front of us. Who would have thought we’d be a thriving, well-established Elementary School, Grammar School with successful Mittlere Reife candidates and our first Abitur graduates, a lively Kindergarten, and fun-filled Hort ten years later, all in our beloved House of Learning on Bayerwaldstr. 8?

This year, our annual theme on Campus is all about the concept of 10/TEN. On our so-called Journey Day the week before school started, I invited the entire JVC team to brainstorm and reminisce, creating a collaborative mural. There was a panel for each year on Campus, and staff could also brainstorm on this year’s annual theme: 10/TEN!

This can be a perfect score, so we’re celebrating success. It also represents a decade, reflecting back and looking ahead to envision a bright future for our learning partners. Counting to ten? Units of ten in the metric system? A top ten list? The team explored these ideas, and we’ll work with the theme this year across all age levels on Campus to make our celebration truly felt by all.

As a Klimaschule and good, healthy school (please see our blog), a place where respect is writ large, teamwork lived, and our learning partners in the center of everything we do, we are planning a lineup of ten things to celebrate our anniversary year that we’d like to share with you here:

1. We’ll be applying our annual theme 10/TEN to pedagogical project, ideas generated as a team and with our Oasis mural. The theme should feel present, and feel special, all year by children and learning partners of all ages.

2. We have designed a special JVC anniversary logo to celebrate our anniversary!

3. Special limited-edition merchandise with the anniversary logo such as mugs, water bottles, pens, bags, etc. will be available for purchase throughout the anniversary year. An order for will be available soon on SchulApp.

4. We have also selected a limited-edition collection of “dress for school” items. Selected clothing items have the anniversary logo printed on them and are available all school year at the dress for school website.

5. In keeping with our tradition of monthly non-uniform days, we’ll celebrate creative Jules Verne-themed Fun Fridays.

6. Leader in Me. We’re providing special resources for our pedagogical and learning guides for the anniversary year. These resources complement our Coaching, Future Skills, and leadership concepts on Campus.

7. We’ll be offering an Expert Lectures called “Lessons along the Way” on JVC concept elements such as Bilingualism, Future Skills, and Sustainability. The dates will be published on our JVC website, and learning partners, parents, even alumni as special guests are welcome to attend.

8. We’ll have our annual New Year’s Party for the JVC team, also with the anniversary theme

9. We are planning an especially festive and comprehensive JVC Yearbook in 2024. This will partially replace the biannual Campus News, so the whole year in review will be included in one beautiful volume.

10. Last but not least, we’ll celebrate our JVC Summer Festival with JVC parents and children, our usual annual event, but especially festive and focusing on the anniversary theme!

What are your top ten reasons to believe in excellence in education for your child? What are the ten best things you can do for your Kindergarten child, grade schooler, or teenager? What are the top ten challenges we’ll face in the next decade and how can we prepare children to solve and embrace them? Join us as we think about these things at JVC - The journey into your future starts here!