Trusting in Success: Testimonial from a Grammar School Student after the JVC Elementary School

Our daughter, Tonia Ostermann, attended the Jules Verne Elementary School between 2014 and 2018. During the experience of lockdown and homeschooling in particular, we fondly think back to the time at Jules Verne Campus with gratitude. Not only did our child come home from school every day happy and beaming for four years, but in the difficult phase after that, it became clear how valuable the Jules Verne approach is with the pedagogical emphasis on "learning to learn," "learning should be fun," and "autonomous learning.” Tonia has been working independently since the beginning of her transition to secondary school. She does not need any parental homework supervision, which we of course still offer, e.g. vocabulary checks (but these offers are gratefully declined). Tonia’s grades at the girls' Grammar School are nevertheless excellent!

Dr. A. Heigl