Successful trial lessons–even during the Corona crisis!

The Corona crisis has limited us in many ways this school year: on-site lessons under normal conditions, our internal preparation for the trial lessons, e.g. in the diamond holiday course, as well as other types of external tuition were not possible due to the contact limitations.

Therefore, we are extraordinarily proud of our Jules Verne learning partners in grade 4 who participated in the trial lessons in various external secondary schools with the aim to be accepted (4 of them for Realschule). They have successfully completed the trial lessons with a 93% pass rate! Only 7% of the children reported back to us that they were not so successful. They also tried their very best and gave it their all!

We are extremely proud of our Jules Verne "Diamonds," who have mastered the academic and emotional challenges of these unsettling times in an outstanding manner! Regardless of the outcome, they have broken new ground, were able to accept new challenges and were very brave!—Congratulations to all learning partners!

Given the exceptional circumstances due to the Corona crisis, parental support during the virtual learning house phase was particularly important this year, and we would like to thank our fourth grade parents for their support of both JVC as a school and of their children during this exciting time. We would also like to express our sincere thanks to our 3/4 grade learning guides and our heads of school who, despite the restrictions, provided our learning partners with extensive support via the "Diamond Preparation" in our virtual learning house and on Campus. In this way, we were able to ensure that the trial lesson material was almost completely covered and practiced—whether on-site or via videoconference—and that the learning partners could confidently take the examinations.