Jules Verne Big Balloon Ball!

What happens when a clever third grade girl has a vision of having a grand school ball and has enough courage to write me as Head of Learning House about her idea and how to implement it?

The idea becomes reality!

After discussing the idea - and after more and more learning partners wanted to be part of the enterprise – I decided to found a “JVC Ball Planning Committee” during our annual créAktiva week consisting of children in grades 3-6. During the project week, the children planned the music, calculated ticket prices, estimated attendance, learned how to waltz and held a dance workshop, planned a buffet and drinks with our kitchen team, made decorations, planned a talent show of volunteers who played piano or drums or danced, and did marketing for the event. In a nutshell, the children learned future skills and responsibility in the process of planning a real event.

The actual ball at Jules Verne Campus on July 19, 2019 ended up with about 250 guests in total – children, parents, and learning guides alike - who had an unforgettable evening. The ballroom with piano and stage, a teen chill-out zone, and a disco for kids ensured that guests of all ages could dance in style. With well-planned ticket sales, the children covered the costs and even earned some extra revenue for IT development.

I can’t image a better way to celebrate the end of a successful school year!