Not being allowed to come to the learning house any more… not only does that mean that “normal lessons" are not possible, but it also means that our daily life on Campus as we know it—seeing friends, sharing experiences, experimenting, fun at breaks, lunch in the Oasis—ceased from one day to the next. Our JVC learning partners miss Anja and the kitchen team, and the once bustling Oasis is strange and empty.

So everyone from the JVC staff to the kitchen team to the Parents' Association starting putting their hungry heads together, and the idea of the JVC FreshBox was born!

Once a week, our bus service delivers one or two recipes and the corresponding ingredients to all families who’d like the service, bringing the Jules Verne Oasis to life at home. Despite Corona-related delivery problems, the first FreshBox reached all families, and our JVC children and their families could cook together and enjoy the “taste of the Oasis” once again, getting full and satisfied as a result. While cooking, the JVC children could solve maths puzzles like calculating the right amount of rice or learn “fun facts” about the meaning of the word “couscous.” The influx of positive feedback and photos from parents featuring our young chefs and their fantastic creations are now hanging in the Oasis, waiting for our learning partners to return and enjoy the gallery! Until then, bon appétit!