Celebrating Success for our Tenth Anniversary School Year – “Climate School GOLD“ and “Good & Healthy School” Awards

Just as we were packing up our school things right before the summer break, we received the news that both the JVC Elementary and Grammar Schools have received the “Klimaschule Bayern - GOLD” as well as the “gute gesunde Schule” award! As you may know from our SchulApp publication in Spring on developments at Jules Verne Campus for the 2023/2024 school year, we were eagerly awaiting the news about whether these applications - as well as our application for the “Umweltschule in Europa” that’s still in the evaluation phase - were successful. And now, as we kick off very special anniversary year at JVC, we are extremely pleased to get off on the right foot, knowing that our efforts to provide a climate-friendly environment and to truly care for the wellbeing of our learning partners have been acknowledged with these prestigious awards.

In September 2022, we were proud to receive the “Klimaschule BRONZE” award at the ceremony at Nymphenburg Castle. This year, the ceremony will be held on September 28, 2023 at the Allerheiligen-Hofkirche in Munich and hosted by the State Minister for Education and Cultural Affairs, Prof. Dr. Michael Piazolo, and the State Minister for the Environment and Consumer Protection, Thorsten Glauber. We will proudly represent JVC with a small number of learning partner and staff representatives from each school.

We went for, and got, the “Klimaschule Bayern GOLD” status based on the following climate-friendly measures at Jules Verne Campus: our innovating heating system (Blockheizkraftwerk); separation of garbage indoors and outdoors; Plogging (garbage collection while jogging) and trash clean-up; creating green spaces on Campus with a greenhouse and plantings; Oasis food offers with the “Green Table” seal with organic, local providers and veggie days; publications and school supplies on recycled paper or paperless; Campus Dress items made with organic cotton and tsunami sport tricots made with recycled materials; Job-Bike offers and bike maintenance stations; also prompted by extreme bus and transport costs, the reduction of bus transport and increased carpooling (our new App Carpool World will be introduced soon); an E-car loading station on Campus; CO2 compensation for excursions such as the Winter Sport Days; awareness though our publications, yearbook and social media; learning partner projects such as the Climate Champions créAktiva and Theatre project in Elementary School and Growing Responsibility in Grammar School.

The “gute gesunde Schule” award applies for one school year, so starting September, we are officially a school known to take special care of their learning partners. We’re looking forward to attending the award ceremony in November – the exact date will be announced - with a JVC representative at the Munich Residence. The unique aspects of JVC that convinced the jury that we take the wellbeing of our learning partners seriously are the following: our Coaching concept and implementation; staff resilience training; psychological support of learning partners after the Covid-19 pandemic; our school dog concept and implementation; JVC as a “place of wonder” with inviting, inspiring co-working spaces with the new lounges; and last but not least, our focus on Sport with extra movement lessons, the use of the Core fitness area and other in-house sport rooms, the successful charity runs, Sport days, ski days, and learning in and through movement every day.

It took a huge team effort by JVC leadership and staff, parents, and learning partners alike to implement and live the values of both personal and environmental wellbeing. We’d like to thank everyone at JVC who made the awards possible. We’ll update you with highlights on SchulApp once we attend the award ceremonies and with any news on the “Umweltschule in Europa” application.

On this successful note, we welcome you to the anniversary school year 2023/2024! Who would have imagined ten years ago that we’d be where we are now? We couldn’t be prouder of our JVC school community and learning partners!