Abitur Pioneers in 2023 at Jules Verne Campus

There was a buzz in the air all year at Jules Verne Campus, as our very first Q12 learning partners prepared for their Abitur exams. Our team of dedicated learning guides were hoping for the best after months and years of providing the coaching, support, and academic rigor required to get our pioneer Abitur class ready for the challenge. These were some of the same young learning partners who cut through the ribbon for the founding of the JVC Grammar School back in 2015, now young adults shaping their futures.

The whole School wished the candidates well by hanging up funny, brightly colored painted sheets with well-wishing puns such as “ABITor,” “TeletABIs,” “ABItar – Aufbruch in eine neue Welt,” and “Ab auf die ABITour” all over our House of Learning after the Easter holidays. In March, the first exams took place on Campus—another milestone for us. Then in late April/ beginning of May, the exams in German, Mathematics, English and Social Studies were written at our partner school, the Wilhelm-Hausenstein-Gymnasium. As mainly good results started coming in, it became clear that our learning partners were on the road to success.

To make their mark at JVC on the day they received their final results, the candidates created the Graduates’ Wall in UG 1 on Campus. With colored silhouettes, the Abi grads started the lineup to be expanded in future years with more and more figures of JVC graduates. The wall mural was followed by the traditional “Abistreich.” Here, our graduates spent all night preparing a furniture chaos in the learning house, filling Frau Riedl and Mr. Hill’s office with balloons from top to bottom, hanging up goofy photos, hanging up a massive graffiti sign saying “ABI headin’ out,” and finishing up with breakfast in the foyer to greet the younger children the next morning. The whole nonsense brought a smile to everyone's face!

The pinnacle of the pioneer experience was our very first Abitur Graduation Ceremony at Jules Verne Campus on June 30, 2023 in the Oasis. The graduates had their moment to shine with moving words from the Heads of School and received their official Abitur certificates with parents & family, members from the GYM team, and management there to cheer them on. The graduates, guests, Heads of School and learning guides embarked on a fun party and dinner in a huge yellow school bus afterwards.

We'd like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Christine Riedl who has shaped the JVC Gymnasium as Head for the last six years with incredible commitment and passion, and to Andrew Hill, who has guided the learning partners with genuine love and care in his role as Head over the last four years. Of course, the whole Grammar School team deserves congratulations, too. To our pioneer families, thank you for your trust in us and in our JVC vision, a vision that has now become a reality for our graduates.

To our pioneer Abitur graduates at Jules Verne Campus: We are so proud of you and it has truly been a privilege seeing you grow and develop over the years. The journey into your future has started at JVC, but this journey has really just begun. Study programs in engineering, biology, and other areas, time abroad, new places, faces, and life phases await you… Not only are we celebrating your academic success but also what you’ve become: open-minded, confident, future-minded young adults. Shoot for the moon and dare to do what you dream!