Welcome to Jules Verne Campus!

The Jules Verne Campus in Munich-Altperlach on Bayerwaldstr. 8 is a state-approved bilingual elementary school, including all-day concept and supervision throughout the school holidays. Since September 2015, a grammar school ("Gymnasium") is part of the Jules Verne Campus as well. The grammar school features a science branch (naturwissenschaftlicher Zweig) as well as a modern language branch (neusprachlicher Zweig).

Our goal is to provide a long-lasting, bilingual, and intercultural education. We stress the importance of internationality, global thinking, and entrepreneurship. Individualized learning and a healthy, balanced lifestyle—with freshly prepared meals and daily sports and exercise—are keystones of our appoach. At Jules Verne Campus, we encourage and challenge children according to the principle of language immersion – with native speakers in small groups with a maximum of about 24 children teaching with methods that address the individual needs of students.

With our special subject “Curiosology”®, we nurture and encourage children’s natural curiosity as a source of enjoyment, creativity, and success. Based on scientific evidence that shows there is a direct connection between physical activiy and brain development, we have created a diverse program of daily physical activity at Jules Verne Campus. Our program is age-specific and incorporates aspects of aerobic exercise, coordination, and mental focus.

The Jules Verne elementary school has two orientations: First, the "bilingual branch", where lessons are held in both German and English in almost equal shares. Second, since September 2014, an "international branch", where the lessons are held mainly in English. The international branch is designed having in mind the curriculum of international schools, so the Bavarian curriculum is supplemented by the Primary Years Programme (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO). This new branch aims at supporting parents moving to Germany or planing to move abroad.

Members of our team are happy to answer any questions you might have about our unique educational approach.